Custom Photography Services

Do you have something special in mind --color, composition, layout-- but don't see it in my Galleries? 
Let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Do you have a special request?
For example: A great realtor knows that, even when it is a good or necessary thing to do, selling a home and leaving behind the many loving memories that blossomed and grew inside is a hard thing for a family to do. One realtor, whose client was having a hard time with their move, asked me to make a "painted" photograph of the home so he could give it to them as a gift on closing day. What a wonderfully, thoughtful thing to do. I made a great picture, full of precious memories, for them to take to their next home where a new chapter of memories would be made.

Do you have a treasured photograph (not copyrighted) of a person, place, or thing ...but life got in the way of its perfection?
For Example: A family had only one portrait of their deceased father, the Founder of their family business. Unfortunately, it was a black and white, 30-year-old, wrinkled, dirty, wallet-sized picture. They asked if I could do something with it. My first thought was, "This is gonna be a tough one!"  Still, they were hopeful, so I gave it my best effort which yielded outstanding results.  I was able to recreate the photo as a beautiful, 8 x 10, "painted,” black and white portrait which they were happy and proud to hang on the wall of their family business above the picture of the 3 sons.  

Do you have a treasured photograph (not copyrighted) of a person, place, or thing ...but the world got in the way of its perfection?
Doesn't it make you crazy when you take the best picture only to find there is a trash can just off to the left --or there are street signs that you didn't notice when you took the shot -- or there are overhead wires obstructing the beauty of the scene?  Maddening, I know! Rather than just tell you about what can be done, I will show you. You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Check it out ...A gentleman loves covered bridges --this one, in particular. He took a couple of winter pictures but "the world got in the way" of his perfect shots. He asked me if I could help. The pictures below are before and after. The gentleman was thrilled to be able to hang both digital paintings --"perfect pictures" -- in his home. 
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